Dwayne Johnson, Co-Founder, ScaleUp Partners

Dwayne Johnson is a successful technologist, entrepreneur and self-professed social alchemist with more than 30 years of experience pioneering technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and cross-discipline collaboration efforts. He is a Founder and Partner at ScaleUp Partners, a nationally networked economic development advocacy collaborative offering advisory and consulting services to increasing the quality, diversity and performance of local and regional innovation, workforce and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Mr. Johnson works with government,

Mr. Johnson works with government, corporations, entrepreneurs and NGOs internationally developing high potential and impact, technology related assets and opportunities. Mr. Johnson is Deputy Director of Innovate Oregon, an initiative of the Technology Association Foundation promoting broader awareness and developing pathways through which diverse talent can reach their highest potential in STEM-based careers. He was founder and president of Ideal Portland, a non-profit focused on minority tech inclusion and has worked with the Technology Association of Oregon Foundation on Education and Inclusion initiatives.

Mr. Johnson is an American Leadership Forum of Oregon Fellow, a member of the Oregon STEM Investment Council and Oregon Business Plan Steering Committee and a founding board member for the Black Investment Corporation for Economic Progress. He was appointed by the Oregon Governor as a member of the Oregon Committee for Performance Excellence, which focused on improving government effectiveness and chaired the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council. He volunteered as a coach and mentor for nine years at the Oregon Technology Business Center. He was founding treasurer for the Nonprofit Association of Oregon and has served on the Board of the I Have A Dream Foundation – Oregon, Advisory Board of the Portland African American Chamber of Commerce. He is a proud alumni of Babson College’s MBA program with a focus on Entrepreneurship where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.


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